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Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province, or the Pamirs of Tajikistan, is located along hundred of miles of the border with Afghanistan. Travelers from Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe would see Afghanistan for hundreds of miles for hours and hours along the Panj River that forms the porous unguarded border, as the main road that connects Dushanbe to the Pamirs and to the Afghanistan goes along the border river. On the other side of the river, a long, thin trail stretches for miles and miles. Over there, it's Afghanistan. On the trail occasionally pass the “Afghans” on foot or donkey. They have been walking on the trail from a village to a village, from a generation to a generation, from centuries to centuries,
The Pamirs is also referred as the roof of the world. Even Alexander the Great and Marco Polo traveled there. The area has been mostly isolated due to those tall walls that separate them from the outside world, as a Russian explorer Aleksey Fedechenko noted during his exploration to the Pamirs in the 19th century:  "For me, those mountains are really like a wall, behind which I don't see anything."
The two sides in the isolated mountains were divided as a result of the Great Game between the Russian Empire and the British Empire, which sided with Afghanistan. Then, parts of the Pamirs were divided by the small river to the Soviet Union and Afghanistan. And still, it is divided.On this side, the Sovietization made the area somewhat modern. The electricity poles are installed along the road on this side, but none on that side. The border has already formed the cultural divide, though people on that side are actually relatives of ones on this side. Yet, the border, which established the impermeable cultural and economic divide, easily let drug smugglers cross it to carry the drugs to Dushanbe, Russia and then Europe.
The long unpaved road on the other side looked as if the time were frozen over there. It seems as if the border river became like another tall, strong but permeable transparent wall, which easily lets narco-traffickers pass but stubbornly prevent the time from flowing from one side to another.
The thin trail goes for miles and miles. The meek linear goes through all the obstacles like fallen rocks and ice, going up and down on the snowy cliff by, passing by the giant rocks carried by landslides, which block the trail from time to time, but it keeps going on and on. On that trail, human have been going on foot from a village to a village, from a generation to a generation, from centuries to centuries in the isolated sky-scraping mountains. And, they still keep going.